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New revolutionary device arrived at Polyclinic Glavić!
05 Dec

New revolutionary device arrived at Polyclinic Glavić!

The acquisition of a new revolutionary device designed to stimulate the nervous system, whereby the patient feels as if he is walking alone or moving his arm, provest the fact that we go hand-in hand with the world medicine and rehabilitation, as well as the fact that we enable our patients to be neurorehabilitated on the most sophisticated devices. Vibramov is the latest trend, and is also the best spasm reduction device, which can be safely used immediately after injury, which is why no nerve cells are deprogrammed.

Thanks to the impulses that are affecting the nervous system, overall recovery and neurorabilitation with robotics, along with our new device, are much more efficient and faster.

This type of rehabilitation is used in many neurological disorders and suitable for senior patients.

Our patients have already tried Vibramoov which moves boundaries of movement. Move your boundaries with us!

For more information or ordering terms, please contact us at 01 646 8300 or via infozg@poliklinika-glavic.hr

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