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A major breakthrough in rehabilitation with Armeo Spring

A major breakthrough in rehabilitation with Armeo Spring

Tea Karamatić“After only two weeks of neurorehabilitation with Armeo Spring I felt an amazing improvement in my hand function and its movement range.In Polyclinic Glavić I experienced the greatest success of my life-for the first time in my life I managed to brush my teeth with my right hand.“

The active participation of patients, their familiesa and professionals from various fields is very important during neurorehabilitation. That’s why Polyclinic Glavić offers rehabilitation packages with medical services and accomodation for the patient and his accompaniment.

During neurorehabilitation our common goal is to maintain or  learn again the skills that a person had before the neurological disease occurrence. Exercising during rehabilitation patients learn new ways of performing actions that they are no longer able to make.


Thanks to their revolutionary mode, Armeo Spring and Lokomat devices have a great effect on patient by stimulating neuroplasticity of the brain.By this method patient is rehabilitated and recovered in an easier and more effective way.


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