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How Lokomat changed our lives

How Lokomat changed our lives

Zoran Vujičić,multiple sclerosis “After my successful career,spending my whole life in sport-professional boxing,the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis surprised and hit me hard.But after numerous therapies I have tried all over the world,the neurotherapy on Lokomat and Armeo delighted me.These sophisticated devices with professional and committed staff of Polyclinic Glavić,are the most responsible for my recovery.ⁿ “


Lokomat therapy is based on the latest findings in motoric learning for neurological patients. It is known that a new movement, or a qualitative improvement to an existing movement can be achieved only through a very high number of repetitions of that movement. These movements, for their part, should represent the actual movement to be learned as accurately as possible. With the support of the Lokomat system, patients can re-learn walking movements through the use of both of these therapeutic methods (repetition and task-oriented training).




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