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Electroencephalography (EEG)

Electroencephalography (EEG)

The test is done by clamping the electrodes connected to the computer on the skin of the head. Electric activity is recorded in the form of waves or wavelengths, and can be displayed on the screen or printed on paper.

Depending on the shape, frequency and width of the waves, it can be concluded whether it is a regular activity or whether it has been changed. Changes can be diffuse, meaning in all regions of the brain or can be focussed.

EEG is recommended to work with:

► Epilepsy doubts and epilepsy therapy

► brain inflammation (meningitis and encephalitis)
► tumor of the brain
► Brain injuries
► Dementia
► Monitoring of coma states and confirmation of brain death
► Sleep disorders eg narcolepsy

EEG is a completely safe and painless medical test. In patients with epilepsy it is possible during hyperventilation (enhanced breathing) and for photostimulation to provoke an epileptic attack, but since shooting is carried out under the supervision of a technician and in a lying position, there is no risk of injury.

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