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Ophthalmic practice

Ophthalmic practice

The general ophthalmic examination by Dr. Paula Glavić Petričević includes a review of visual acuity and correction, biomicroscopic examination of the front segment, tonometry.
It enables timely detection of various diseases such as:

  • Ophthalmic (eg cataract, glaucoma) as well as
  • Of internist (eg increased blood pressure, diabetes),
  • Immunological (e.g., vein)
  • Neurological (eg multiple sclerosis, intracranial expansion tm).

Cataracts are blurred otherwise clear lenses that cause painless reduction of visual acuity, refractive change, and monocular duplication. It is most common because of older age, but it may also occur in young people due to various illnesses or drug use. Stopping the lens blur can be achieved by local therapy or permanently resolved by an operative procedure.

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