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Physical medicine

Physical medicine

Our Dr. Med. Nikolina Kristić-Cvitanović, who with her education and professional knowledge has completed the European Committee of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine with a fifty-year tradition of education of the highest quality doctors in Europe, with special knowledge in the area of ​​neurorehabilitation and prosthetics. Her knowledge is regularly applied when examining patients who are in therapy and neurorehabilitation programs at the most advanced robot devices in our Polyclinics in Zagreb and Dubrovnik.


Symptoms and Diseases Affecting Acupuncture Therapy:

- painful conditions (headache, neuralgia, lumboishalgia, spondylosis ...)
- rheumatic diseases
- degenerative diseases of the spine and joints
- extracellular rheumatism (tendinitis, entezitis, periarthritis - painful shoulder)
- fractures and sports injuries
- neurological diseases (weakness, paresis and paralysis of peripheral nerves, post-stroke condition)


Ultrasound is an advanced, precision, non-invasive, fast method, with no radiation. It uses high-frequency sound to create a picture of detected tissue and is extremely useful in fast and accurate diagnosis of muscle, tendon and joint injuries. For all muscle ruptures, tendon ruptures, tendon inflammation and joint inflammation, cystic meniscus and the like are an excellent tool when setting up a final diagnosis.

High resolution ultrasound gives priority to other radiological methods when it comes to available tissues such as achilles tendon, patellar tendon, or front muscle muscle. With the ultrasound of the ribs, bone skin and feet well depict the occult fraction.

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