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Poliklinika Glavić Dubrovnik

Poliklinika Glavić Dubrovnik

Besides the quality of our service, the advantage of rehabilitation in Medical Centre Glavić is the location itself in southern Croatia, in a little and peaceful town called Dubrovnik.

For its very convenient geographical location at the coast of the Adriatic sea, Dubrovnik, a pearl of Adriatic, is famous for its pleasant Mediterranean climate, fresh air and clear sea.

An easygoing way of life with everything you might need nearby makes your life stress free and far from  fast rhythm.With the natural beauty and the rich UNESCO cultural heritage this combination definitely represents an ideal place for a rehabilitation destiation.



Poliklinika Glavić Zagreb

Poliklinika Glavić Zagreb

As a leader of robotic neurorehabilitation in Croatia and Southeast Europe, in 2017, Polyclinic Glavić opened the Polyclinic Glavić for neurology and physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as the first neurorehabilitation center with robotics in the very center of Zagreb, following further expansion of its scope of work. It is also a reference center for robotics in South East Europe. The newly established Polyclinic Glavić within the Green Gold Center has a wide range of technologically advanced robotics devices for neurorehabilitation of the upper and lower extremities in adults and children, such as Lokomotus, Arma, Anda, Amade, Diega, Pabla, Tyma, Valeda and others.

Encouraged by the positive experience of Art & Medicine in the Dubrovnik Polytechnic, the director Dr. Josip Glavić wanted a piece of soul, the grip of the centuries-old art and the safety of his birthplace in Zagreb. The honor was awarded to the academic painter and the most famous flower aesthetist Saša Šekoranji. Shelving through a unique and ultra-modern artwork "paved" the entire facade of the largest open-space rehabilitation room, giving the impression of security in the future recovery and new life of the patients.


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