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Specialist in Neuropedistry: Dr. Radenka Kuzmanić-Šamija, specialist pediatrician and subspecijalist neuropediatrist.

The neuropathy examination is a specific examination in a child's age, performed by a neuropathy. Neuropediate is a specialist in pediatric illnesses - a pediatrician with additional specialization from a small area of children's neurology.

In the neuropeditative ambulance Polyclinic Glavić regularly orders doc. dr. sc. Radenka Kuzmanić-Šami, a pediatrician and subspecialist of pediatric neurology, from the neuropathy department of KBC Split.

Neuropediatrics or pediatric neurology and (re)habilitation is a branch speciality under pediatrics. The neurology part of the speciality is run within primary as well as hospital care. In the firts place, the content of the work is directed towards investigations of suspect neurological disorders and following diagnosing and treatment. It is carried out in close cooperation with neurophysiological, neuroradiological, neurochemical, neuropathological and neurogenetic units.

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