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Robot Neurorehabilitation

Armeo Spring Pediatric

Armeo Spring Pediatric

This device is designed to restore the functionality of the upper extremities to those who have partially or totally lost that functionality due to neurological, spinal or muscular-bone defects. With this robot, there are movements in the hand from shoulder to fist, and with exercises that unite the whole hand, there is an increment of the intensity of using the arm in the most natural way.

As a perfect supplement to standard therapies, the concept of performing exercises on the device is based on the motivation of pediatric patients stimulated by fun video games. This concept requires an exact type of motion from the patients that afterward activates target muscle groups. By assisting with this, as well as other robotic devices in our polyclinics, the patient trains the brain by encouraging his neuroplasticity, which is crucial to healing and accelerated recovery of the patient.

Armeo Spring is adaptable to the anatomy of each child because with the help of exoskeleton with integrated springs it covers the whole hand from shoulder to fist and it helps to make active movements accompanied by software video games.

It is special because it registers the minimum hand movements and evaluates the motor skills and coordination of the patient. Also, the built-in sensors record every movement on the wrist during the whole exercise. These data are later used to evaluate, compare and document the patient's progress.

Exercise on this device encourages a greater interaction of the patient with the device, which achieves greater autonomy of the hand movement, and thus greater self-confidence. Examples of our patients show tremendous improvement in daily activities, making their lives less dependent on others.

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